Somebody's watching

The back of the alley was quiet as he walked away, muffled bass rhythms barely filling the void left in the wake of footsteps on asphalt. When the assailant was a safe distance away, John pushed himself up the wall of the club, rubbing his jaw sorely. "Lucky bastard," he muttered under his breath. Nobody got a punch on John. It was unheard of.

From a rooftop in the distance, a soft blip of recognition took to air. The reddened tip of a night lens zoomed closer, identifying the target with a small stream of information to the side.

     Subject: Unknown
     Alias: Jack

        - Follow and observe.
        - Do not make contact.

        - Armed and dangerous.

The dead street shuddered to life as an engine erupted, a powder-blue truck roaring awake and crawling from its resting place.

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