The stranger in the hall

"Who are you, another freak trying to convince me to join your side?" It was childish to mention such things. Jeriel had warned her against telling anyone; but her nerves were too on edge, and the hand on her arm hardly helped her sense of confidence.

"I'm just here to warn you." Whoever he was, his appearance was intimidating at the very least. Something vaguely familiar caused her to pause, but only for a moment, only long enough for his words to shatter what remained of her thing grasp on what reality she knew. "Don't believe a word he said. You can still turn away, go back to your normal life. So forget about this. You don't have to do anything he told you."

Linao buried her face in her hand, biting back a sob as two guards finally caught up to the intruder. They pried her away from him, and she stumbled down the hallway with more determination, eager to get away from the nightmare that night had become. 

"I mean it, Linao. You still have a choice." His voice, dark and foreboding despite its attempt at comforting words, hung in her mind even after he was gone.

Excerpts from Linao's journal.

How did he know what Jeriel wanted…?

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