eesh... What do you want from me, a survey?? :P

I'm really just testing your endurance. Or your boredom. I'm annoying like that.

Some more not-so-interesting facts:

  • I'm attending Ringling School of Art and Design for Illustration.
  • I work at a movie theater. ^_^
  • I'm an Aquarian (fixed air!) and I love astrology / rune stones / tarot cards. I also read tarot cards and rune stones for people (who ask nicely), whenever I have time.
  • My mother is actually my closest friend. :P
  • I'm bi-sexual, and I like role-playing men more than women (for no particular reason).
  • My most ridiculous role-playing character was a Malkavian who accidentally got himself turned into an evil poptart.
  • Oh. By the way. I love role-playing.
  • I especially love DMing / GMing / STing. My stories are really kind of dark and sadistic, and I have a tendency to make all my players call me "evil" at one point or another.
  • My website started on angelfire, and has been called anything from "My Voice" to "Frosted Menagerie" to "Master of PuppetZ" [with the cheesy capitalized Z, yes]. But I finally just settled on "Muted Faith."

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