Book 1, Chapter 4: Fallen


When I lay my head to rest,
the dreams escape me.
When I think there's nothing left,
the world rebukes me.
When I've lost my will to live,
the wind breathes through me.
When my innocence has died,
these lies undo me.

Call my head, sweet pillow,
keep my soul from dancing.
Hold me fiercely to the
comfort lost in dreaming.
Cradle me while shadows
cast their magic circles;
Darkness only touches
me beyond these pillows.

My peace -- I'll find from
distant planes, where pleasure lingers;
My joy -- I'll wrench it from
the demon's steely fingers;
My friends -- I'll watch and keep from
them this bitter secret;
Our love -- I'll sacrifice my own, that
you may keep it.

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