Shower scene not included

Linao was deep in thought as she wandered back home. Her mind took its own time coordinating the events of the last few days; by the time she'd reached the door to her room, she'd come to a conclusion.

…this is all my fault, isn’t it.

Bending and peering under her bed, she reached toward the dagger Jeriel had given her.

If I’d just listened to him, none of this would have happened. It’s all like some warped fairy tale… and this must have been what he was talking about…

Her hand grasped the dagger and pulled it from under the bed.

…That everyone around me has to suffer, because I didn’t want to deal with it.

With the weapon in her hand, the “Aetet-anan”, she reflected what it meant to her. Everything Jeriel had told her, about the demons, about hell…

…No. I don’t care about it. I still don’t.

Steering her head toward some form of plan, she showered and changed into more appealing attire. Clubbing wasn't a jeans-and-sweatshirt ordeal.

But I owe it to them, don’t I? To find out where Trini is at least.

To find out who killed Manuel…

Brushing out the last few pleats of her skirt, she tied most of her hair back with a clip.

And if it was Azael…

Was it really that simple? She took the dagger and bound it to her thigh with a red strip of linen.

...I will kill him.

summary written by Naomi

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