The card

As Dom moved towards the body of his brother, his foot once again struck something.

"What the --" He glanced down and saw a gun lying on the floor. He bent down to pick it up, but quickly changed his mind. He untied the sleeve of his mechanic's overalls and wrapped it around his hand first. He didn't want his fingerprints on this particular murder weapon.

With his hand protected, he cautiously picked up the gun. The combination of the bloody metal and his bad grip caused the gun to slide back to the floor.

Dom sighed and slid to his knees. He tugged the card out of Manuel's pocket and read it.
Simon Templeton 364 14th St. S 42.14.71, D-3
"That's..." He paused, trying to remember why that address was familiar. "That's... the Macey warehouse. Where those people were--"

A cold voice above him spoke. "Don't move a hair, kid."

summary written by Cherie

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