"That doesn't tell me anything. You said there were others... other people you've..."

"Others who have been awakened. Yes."

"Then why the hell did you even tap me? Why not one of them? Someone with more experience? Why don't you just do it your damn self?" This time, the note of panic was more evident.

"Ah, yes." Suddenly, his hand was on her cheek. Reassuring. "Because, my dear Linao... You have something that none of us have. Your innocence."

"My... innocence?" Her voice betrayed the incredulity she felt. "That has to be the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. Me, innocent? Have you even <i>met</i> me? How do you know I'm so innocent?"

"I don't have to know," he explained patiently. "Those who sent me know...and they're never wrong."

"So, innocence," she responded, seeming to accept the label. "How is this going to help anything?"

"Because, my dear, your aura isn't tainted with the blood of another. Unless he deliberately looks past the normal, outer layers of spiritual resonance... to him, you will look just like a normal human. That's why it was important to have someone like you..." A pause. "...he'd never see it
coming." This last statement came quieter.

"See what coming?" she asked, suddenly suspicious. "You want me to kill him?!"

summary written by Cherie

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