Simon says

"Come on, Tryn. We've gotta get going." Linao held open the door to the ice cream shop, waiting for Trini to follow. She emerged finally, licking happily at the quickly melting pile of chocolate. "I promised your brother we'd be there by four, for once.."

"Is he gonna be late again today?" Trini licked around the cone thoughtfully. Manuel had a habit of showing up at least half an hour later than he said he would.

Linao sighed, falling in step with the kid. "I don't know, Tryn. I hope not."

Side-glancing the street behind her, Trini slowed down, ice cream cone cupped protectively against her chest. Linao tugged slightly on the girl's hand. "Trini, come on. What's wrong? We have to--"

"Who's that man?" she interrupted, paying little attention to the tugging.

"What man?" Linao glanced around tentatively, guard instantly up. "I don't see a--.." Her eyes froze as they caught the black-suited figure behind them. "--..oh."

Stopping dead, Linao turned her head to stare dead at him. "Um... Can I help you?"

"Well, I hope so." Both hands went into his pockets as he stopped behind them. Long hair hid most of his face in almost perfectly angled shadows, a pair of sunglasses completing the near-oblivion of the man's face. All Linao could make out was a bit of stubble, and a plastic grin. "My name's Templeton. Simon Templeton. I'm a talent scout for WCKD in District 3." He made a short gesture toward Trini. "I was just walking along and happened to notice your little sister here--"

"She's not my sister," Trini replied, the grin slowly returning to her face. "She's my aunt."

"I'm not your aunt, silly." Shifting her gaze uncomfortably, she interjected before he could continue his little speech. "Listen, Mr.... Templeton? I'm not her guardian. Do you have a card? You might want to talk to her brother, Manuel. I'm just watching her for the afternoon."

"A card? Certainly." Hand emerged liquidly from the black coat pocket with a small, plastic card. "My number's on there. I think little Trini would be perfect for the studio spot we're casting right now. Tell her brother to bring her down for an audition on Thursday."

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