Trini's little secret

She was familiar with the route to Trini's school, so Linao could afford to allow herself the indulgence of being lost in thought as she drove to pick her up. She couldn’t get any of it out of her head – thoughts of Ammy, the little slut, with Jim, or Michael – she still didn’t know what to think of him – or the look on Jim’s face when she was on that stage, being stared at by all those people --


Trini bounced over to Linao with a huge smile on her face. Trini could always make Linao feel better – the child’s zest for life was infectious.

"Heya, Tryn," she smiled, scooping the little girl up into her arms and giving her a quick hug. "How was your day?"

Thirty yards away, out of both girls’ earshot, a trenchcoat-wearing figure hung back and observed them discreetly. Jack found himself startled, though, when he got a good look at the little one's aura….

What the hell?

He squinted for a good look. He then squinted for a better look, since his eyes were obviously playing tricks on him.

She's a demon…a fucking kid demon…

…that’s impossible.

Linao was already beginning to forget about yesterday. She was precocious, but Trini could always make her feel like nothing was wrong with the world. "Hey Tryn. You wanna leave early today? We can stop by the ice-cream shop…"

"Yeah! I want chocolate!"

Jack still couldn’t quite believe what he was seeing. That’s gotta be wrong…she's too young to be awake…

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