Tamur and Dominick

"Well, I wish you'd quit asking me things like that." Tamur sauntered through the doorless frame and into the main garage, arms folding. He leaned against the wall and listened to the voice somewhere farther back and below. "No, I didn't. I invited you specifically to watch the door. No, it's okay." The mechanic talking to himself might have seemed strange, to anyone else. "Tamur... You don't have to stand in the doorway."

"You know me," Tamur finally mumbled with a smirk, pushing off the wall and rounding the first car. "...Always waiting for the dramatic moment. Is my car ready -- yet? Or are you going to argue with the other car some more?"

Dominick fished for the keys to Tamur's car, dangling them on his index finger as he held them up. "I finished it awhile ago. It was really pissed at you. You owe me several lunches."

"You got it." Tamur stopped as he reached the keys, watching the mechanic with a grin. "You don't mind school cafeteria food, right?"

"You in a hurry?" Dominick mused as he set a toolbox on the far table. Time to close up.

"Not really. You have things to teach me, don't you?"

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