Wicked Alchemy 2

Funny side-note about this one...

I was showing it to my friend Cleo
before I had the words placed on the
page. She remarked that it looked
like he was attacking her with the
piece of paper.

"Feel the wrath of my admissions ticket!!"

"A favor?" She was pushing it. This would make four dates in a row she ruined by hanging it over his head to make him feel guilty. It wasn’t like it was his fault… She never wanted to do anything. She didn’t care about movies… or clubs... or races... or anything he tried to do with her. It was always, I have homework. I need sleep, I have to get up early. Can’t we just go somewhere and talk?

Frustration washed through his eyes as he threw a few fingers back. "Well, by all means, don’t let me inconvenience you. It’s not like you’d be here because I’m your boyfriend and you wanted to spend an evening with me, is it?"

"Come on! You know I didn’t mean it like that…" this was getting out of hand. She sidestepped as the line moved forward, stuffing her arms over her chest to keep them warm. It wasn’t like he could offer a jacket or anything. Of course not. She should have brought her own. …Another argument began in her head, and she forced it from the surface. Too many things to nitpick. Maybe she should just try to enjoy the night, for once.

"Whatever." The large, squeaky-bald man towered patiently before him. Jim stalked forward, throwing her ticket back as he stuffed his own into the bouncer’s thick fingers. He was tired of talking. "You know, sometimes you can be a real bitch. Are you aware of that?"

"Jim?!" Linao caught the ticket, blinking blankly. He disappeared behind the curtain. The large gentleman folded his arms and watched her expectantly.

"Jim!!" What the hell? She narrowed her eyes softly, staring at the crummy piece of plastic with "ADMIT ONE" scrawled haphazardly over the front. He just left her? She couldn’t believe he left her...

Shoving her ticket at the man, she stormed through the curtain.

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