Violet Lie [06-17-01]

I sang until I knew the lie
the violets told me.
Purple mesh against a vagabond
strand of green..
Not blue. And roses, hardly
a word to spare the ruddy crimson
embellished in those flickering petals;
not red. Sweet and sour, sugar candy,
nothing sweet without the bitter.

So when I skirted round the issue
at an awkward dewdrop breakfast,
cynic tiers compelled to answer his
I love yous… No you don’t.

Baffled sorrow in those casements;
my own shadow's disappointment.
Roses lie and violets lie,
and sugar stings my tongue.
Violets are only violet,
Roses bitter, crusting crimson;

Keep in mind a lingering sadness
When I die.. I die in anguish
Of a broken promise.
Violets lie.

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