Softly Dead [08-11-01]

If you sang a lullaby for me,
and dabbled in some darker poetry
to tempt my fingers closer to your lips,
I might forget this burdenous lament.

Truth be told, I'm dying in your smile.
It captured me quite bravely for awhile..
But now it tears and pierces deep within,
and shows me just how far I've drowned in sin.

A shadow's autumn dance you traipsed with me;
it taught me lessons in humility,
and now that icy smile I relate
to my own master, when he taught me hate.

Come closer, tear my heart a little more
with each kiss you can't feel, you can't adore,
string blind observance into flattery,
and maybe I can drown my misery

in lies again. They raised me from the seed,
and taught me how to work his evil deeds.
Grown in darkness, petals draped in black,
I smile in silence, wait for your attack.

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