Relent [06-17-01]

For once,
I’ll set my haughty stare
Aside, with sallow fingers,
Choke it down beyond repair,
Far from here.

For once,
I’ll void my dark expression
From worry or a cynical
Obsession; hide it deep within
A bitter muscle.

For once,
I’ll leave my cuts and slashes
Fighting with themselves,
And harbor no resent to catching
warm critique.

Just once,
I’ll try to contemplate
These thoughts through lover’s eyes,
And save ourselves a quarrel about
a meager word.

For once,
My heart relents against
An unlocked bosom, arms outstretched
To reach you far beyond embrace,
A hopeful glance.

And once,
Just once, my sweetest kinder,
Spread your arms and hold me tender
Through the harshness of surrender
I embrace

For you.

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