Lost [06-06-02]

I'm lost within
these dreams again,
I let them taste me.

My precious pen,
my hope, this silence
has devour'd me.

Today, much like
the day before, goes
on without me.

I'll rest upon
their grave, and drink
their tears to drown me.


What loss, what
silence can provoke
my logic's falter?

What misery,
what song has plunged
my spirit further?

The fae, their
mystic laughter, it
became my mother..

I laughed, and
with my voice, I
lost myself to murder.


The sunshine, does
its symphony compel
and haunt you?

Does moonlight,
poured through billow-seas,
prefer to greet you?

If you and I
could meet, would my
lunacy scare you?

Remember this,
these words, and let
the Dream enchant you.

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