I Killed My Shadow [03-10-01]

I killed my shadow.
Wonder how?

He came lurking,
like he did-
always staining
my sad footsteps.

Holding my dark
knife in one hand.
He'd meant
that blade for me.

He was silent.
That, I taught him.
But I killed him
as I died.

Somehow, somewhere,
I remember
shallow people
asking blandly -

but who cares
about the future,
when what follows
is erased?

My sad footsteps
no one follows;
my sad hist'ry
no one echoes..

my depression
no one masters;
my own colors
no one stains.

I can't live
with silent shadows -
they all laugh
around me now.

They all shake
those curs-ed tresses,
marking me with their

Do you see
the error now?
Do you see
your finger bleed?

Blood unfettered
by the victims..
blackened ink
brings misery..

I am silenced
in their darkness;
in my shadow's

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