Hell [04-16-02]

You haven't taught me anything,
but I don't really mind.
You seem to like ignoring me,
but that's not so unkind.

[How long should I wait,
how far should I stay..
I'm torturing fate,
clutching my yesterday.

I went to see you earlier,
the shock over your face
was not what I expected.
It was wrong.. it was misplaced..

[I think I can feel..
if I really try..
I feel like I'm dying..
I'm dying inside..

I want you to be here today.
I knew you wouldn't care.
but deep inside, I die because
I know you're never there.

[It hurts less to know..
It hurts less to believe
it's my fear of restraint,
not my heart on my sleeve.

The little things are killing me,
they've killed me so, so well.
I'm dreaming of my heaven,
with my spirit trapped in hell.

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