Forgotten [05-21-01]

I kissed a dream the other night -
it looked so much like you.
The jaded gems were gleaming bright
against a faded hue,

and through the clamour of the hour,
humming to a deafened ear,
I was lost inside that power,
crucified in dreamer's fear.

Seven merry dirges swam
around the streaming seas of thought,
each mixed with a fateful pleasure,
each decided, each were bought

for some terrific price, the dreamer
lent herself unto another,
paid those melodies to certain
requisites around a captured

And with a borrowed arm, I held you,
savoring adopted rapture
till my ear plucked with reminder
of the debt I now repay.

Here I wait, away from dreaming,
Here I pace, alone and gray.
My own fantasies still linger
in the shadows of this day

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