The Dreamer's Ramble [05-16-02]

I'm not a traveler here.
I wished my life away
for painted stories,
pixel skies,
and violet dismay.

I'm not a prisoner here..
Although I'm bound by time,
ethereal warden.
Here I try,
and find my hands are tied.

I'm not a sinner here..
I've held my share of guilt.
That sweet remorse
can't hold me
to a lie another built.

I'm not a watcher here.
My fingers taste the sand,
strange fascination
sifted through
a pauper's blistered hand.

I'm not uncertain here..
Although my thoughts collide.
Voices only
echo what
I can't control inside.

I'm just a dreamer here..
Imagining this rhyme.
I'll leap through air, and
if I die,
it's only in my mind.

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