Broken Fragments

I trust I trust the world I trust
it's falling falling down.
I move, collect the broken pieces,
dead against the ground.

Love and life and lavender,
these shards against my hand.
Somewhere, fancy lurks beyond
this bitter wand'rer's pen.

A bit of truth I found in all,
and lies always between.
Never never think of never,
wash the rivers clean.

Isn't ever, was it, when
the fae were still alive?
Does it trouble you, my chaos,
dreams you left behind?

I ate I ate a pretty plate,
a platter of your lies.
Swallowed, broken, I can hate
you now, your sallow eyes,

They sting, they torture, somewhere deep,
somewhere where I can't reach.
I wonder, wander, love to love
this malady you preach.

Stake me, shred me, hold me tender,
never let me go..
I'm lost I'm dying in this splendor,
dead beneath the flow.

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