Aione [08-10-01]

I don't know why, but sometimes
when you think I've let you drown,
and all the hate escapes you
in the way you cut me down,
I can't once see past all the tears
you forced to burn my cheeks
how screaming bleak obscenities
makes you better than me.

I don't know where you came from
with your chocolate haughty glare,
or why you think I love you
just because you say you care...
I can't imagine worming
through the blind hypocracy
to pull you down beside me
and feel my humility.

But one day when you watch me,
and my heart has grown away,
one day you'll glower downward
and you'll see I've gone astray.
You'll see me in the distance,
but I'll be taller than you.
I'll be wrapped around another,
and my heart will still be true.

Then just try to pick the pieces
from that broken piety
and suffer what I suffered
when your shadow fell on me.
I'll watch you from my steeple,
as your throne twists into wood;
the emeralds shatter into leaves
and fall, misunderstood.

I'll hear you cry in anguish,
and I'll smile all the same...
My lover's come to rescue me
from your infernal game.

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