World of Darkness

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  1. The moon is always full.

  2. All vampires must be 3rd Generation Antediluvians.

  3. All vampires from the Nosferatu clan aren't ugly at all, but instead are more beatiful than the other vampires.

  4. All Gangrel, despite their age, have no Animal features to speak of. And are always Celtic. And have no manners.

  5. It's always dark outside.

  6. When there are fights involving werewolves or opposing sects, no characters are ever killed. Some might lose an arm or an eye...but no final death.

  7. Sabbat vampires walk around freely through the city with their fangs out, and no NPC mortals ever wonder why. Must be a goth thing.

  8. Everyone hates the Prince.

  9. All vampires, despite the slight handicap of being dead, can still have sex.

  10. Every Tremere knows all the paths of Thaumaturgy. Even the two-year-old neonates.

  11. Vampires, though undead, can sit at a bar and down alcohol like a college kid.

  12. The moment you walk toward a mansion or graveyard, it is suddenly described as stormy and dark.

  13. The average Ventrue is ten times as insane as the most delirious Malkavian.

  14. Every open WWtA room will have tons of "cubs" who are fully cognizent and able to shapeshift.

  15. Alpha pairs are always both garou, and never have metis children.

  16. They also get mad if you bring up the Litany.

  17. Every garou has a klaive at the very least, and often has two or a grand klaive (I've seen two GK's on one alpha).

  18. Metis always have cool deformities, never twisted limbs or bad teeth.

  19. You can usually expect more bete in a room than garou, unless it is a Get of Fenris room.

  20. Get of Fenris online are totally different than the Tribe Book recommends, they are basically neo-nazi gun thugs with or without germanic accents.

  21. Garou out-number kinfolk about 100:1, and those who are around are just for cybersex (and always produce offspring of all shifters).

  22. Almost all Bastet will be female, almost all Mokole will be male.

  23. There are more White Howler throwbacks than Black Spirals.

  24. Setites will be able to stand the same amount of light as all other vampires.

  25. The bad guys never seem to suffer from Paradox.

  26. There's no such thing as a 'mere mortal'. Everybody you meet, if not a mage, wraith, Garou or vampire, will be a ghoul. Or a Kinfolk. Or so severely messed-up that they no longer qualify for membership in the human race.

  27. If you ever happen to meet a 16-year-old Akashic Brother, expect him to have been training since he was old enough to walk. Stay well away from him. He could kick your ass with both hands tied behind his back, while blindfolded... (Note: my former ST used to have that as a signature NPC. It got old really quick...)

  28. Don't bother scanning your surroundings for traces of Quintessence. If it's important, chances are the ST won't tell you until too late... or until the bad guys got there first!

  29. The most interesting and/or powerful Talisman/Fetish/Treasure/Relic/whatever in the chronicle is always the one that looks like something the cat dragged in...

  30. The Euthanatos mage in the party always carries voodoo dolls in the effigy of the rest of the party. You know, just in case they turn...

  31. Any death, no matter how accidental, is always blamed on the closest Euthanatos.

  32. -Most Cultists of Ecstasy are hopeless stoners. Most female Cultists are nymphomaniacs to boot.

  33. Never ever trust a pixie that has a red aura...
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