The Brute

  1. If a female plays a male character, expect it to be beautiful, mysterious, and bi/homo-sexual.

  2. All men are at least six feet tall, and, when provoked to do so, could easily rip through a structurally sound brick wall.

  3. No one ever plays a fat man.

  4. All evil men will spurn the beautiful, buxom women who are madly in love with them in favor of falling for the beautiful, willful women who refuse to even look at the evil men.

  5. The noble good guys always get beaten near death, only to be saved by their arch nemesis as they fight the great evil force. Then they are healed by their hyper-energy life mage girlfriends.

  6. Physical strength is inversely proportional to muscle mass (especially in males).  Albino elves can easily tunnel through mountains with their bare hands, while giant hulks often have trouble carrying pitchers of water.

  7. Though it is an Amazon clan, men still ask to join.

  8. Although a vast majority of males have long hair, none of them EVER have mullets. If males do not have long hair, the George Clooney 'do is applied to them by default.

  9. Any priests in the group will be in love with some random person (PC or NPC, it doesn't matter) and will question if they are really meant to be priests.

  10. It doesn't matter the scene, the year, etc. If there is a lone male, there will soon be a hoard of females. They will usually have blond hair, and act like they don't care about the Lone Male even though he's the only reason they're there.

  11. All men automatically assume that sweat and/or blood dripping off their well-muscled chests is sexy.

  12. Any male character under 20 is typically 17, blonde, and found "hot" by every female character.

  13. Most male characters over 20 are closer to 2000. And by some miracle (half elf, half demon, ect...) they will still look like a teenager and be found "hot" by every female character.
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