1. A mute or otherwise talking-impaired creature can always communicate telepathically.

  2. Nobody ever dies.

  3. If they do die, the body is discovered long before it can decompose, and is conveniently rushed to the nearest temple which, of course, can bring it back to life.

  4. There are no apprentice mages. All mages are either the most powerful on their world/in their school, or they are a total beginner that can't cast ANYTHING properly.

  5. No matter how hurt, dying, or dead you may be, there is always someone around with a magical sword, healing herb or ability to make you all better.

  6. Every intelligent magic item found will belong to a powerful demon or celestial that will come back to claim it as soon as you discover its best power.

  7. All blind or otherwise vision-impaired creatures are clairvoyant.

  8. Don't bother thinking anything you plan to do. Everyone's psychic.

  9. Anyone with white hair looks twenty years old, and can probably throw you with their mind.

  10. People conveniently have an unlimited amount of items that can block the magic they're being attacked with.

  11. Magical fights usually end up with people complaining about how "You can't block that!".

  12. Mages always enter in a brilliant flash of light that blinds the room.

  13. Someone can always use the Force better than those who were actually trained.

  14. You don't need wings to fly. Even the least intelligent character can use his/her mind to push against the gravitational force.

  15. A strange and dark figure walking in and out of magical portals is only impressive the first forty times.

  16. Magic sight never seems to work on people hiding in a bush five feet from your character.

  17. Every warrior/mage has the power of a god and is industructable or is so totally evil they drive themselves insane.
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