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  1. You can use items or resurrect spells to bring someone back to life in battle, and they take thousands of slashes and magics to kill in the first place; but a single slash of the sword kills them off for good - usually in a long, drawn out, dramatic sequence. [True in Final Fantasy 7, Legend of Dragoon, etc.]

  2. No matter what game, there are thousands of websites dedicated to it.
    Possibly through some server glitch which spontaneously generates them.

  3. If you're any type of undead creature, somebody will eventually try to cast "Life" on you. After all, they've all played Final Fantasy...

  4. No matter what, there is always ONE person behind everything bad that's happened.

  5. And it's usually your character's brother.

  6. Your evil brother will also be the arch nemesis who saves you from death at the hand of the evil force so you can be healed by your hyper-energy life mage girlfriend.

  7. The head villain never specifies to the poor buffoons to kill so-and-so. They merely say dispose of them.

  8. The blacksmith, the bartender, the local sheriff, the fletcher... They are all retired adventurers who have the knowledge you need, or can create the item you need to take down that extra tough enemy of yours.

  9. Characters can leap across chasms, jump trains and whatnot(in cutscenes), but in actual gameplay can only walk along specified paths or certain colored tiles.

  10. All game have at least one super boss who can easily defeat the endgame boss, but chooses not to; however he'll fight you and reward you the best something in the game, which, once you finally acquire it, has lost whatever meaning it would have had to you.

  11. Upon defeating a creature or demon of a ridiculously higher level than you are, no matter how hard or scathing the battle, he will invariably leave behind as your reward... your old default weapon or spell device that you began the game with.

  12. [from Everquest] Dark Elf Necromancers are always nicer than the High Elf Wizard who can probably do a better job of healing you.

  13. No matter the situation, quest, or gaming system the number of characters with a horrible and/or tragic past is astronomical, and the number of cheery and happy characters is close to nil.

  14. Place your trust in Square to make the impossible happen by screwing with the plot.

  15. Anyone with a name is an important plot character.  Anyone without a name should not be spoken to, as he or she will repeat the same lines that all the other nameless characters say.

  16. By the time you learn the all-powerful super-magic-cost kills-everything spell, all the monsters you encounter are immune to it.

  17. That monster isn't dead until the music stops.

  18. Monsters were cursed to roam the planet with nearly boundless supplies of coins they can neither use sell nor trade, and have some type of mystical item you cannot find any place else in the unerverse.

  19. Everything has to do with something, that piece of chewed gum could be the key to saving the unerverse.

  20. Bad guys are usually gentlemen, they'll approach you in groups, but only attack you one at at time.

  21. In order to save the village girl, you will need one rare space egg, a golden butterfly net, a dragon shaped stone...

  22. To do so much as find a bathroom in most buildings, it's required that you find 62 incredibally rare key cards scattered across the globe.
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