Chat Room Role-Play

  1. When at a place quite literally named "Suicide Cliffs," nobody will ever truly die. They will get saved at the last second, talked from jumping at all, or will simply land at the bottom and continue walking.

  2. A guy can pick up any girl at the Suicide Cliffs, just by shouting "I'm jumping!"

  3. At the Suicide Cliffs, there is always a random lunatic who comes along just to push people off.

  4. Thy 'e' is almost non-yxistant. It has byyn ryplacyd at somy point with thy 'Y'.. Thyry ary now womyn, chylder, ravyn, ytc.

  5. The rooms with only three people in it are usually the rooms with the better role-players.

  6. Typos are caused by demons and malignant spirits.

  7. After a show/movie, anime or otherwise, becomes popular, about a thousand clones of that show/movie pop up for about a month or so, until the next popular show/movie comes out, so they can copy that.


  9. Without slangs like 'i luv u', 'u r kewl', 'this is 4 u', 'guyz', etc..some people could not live.

  10. If your best entrance consists of 17 words or less, no one will be willing to RP with you unless theirs is even worse.

  11. If you started 2 weeks ago, it doesn't matter how many final fantasy games you've played, you can't role-play effectively.

  12. To fix this problem, go into one of the chats that has 2 or 3 people in them and tell them you're learning. If anyone uses "u" instead of "you," leave immediately and look for another chatroom.

  13. No one can force you into a Death Match.

  14. No one can assassinate you if you don't accept it.

  15. All FF (Free Form) role-players that use one line or less for or ignore your mentioned warnings of not accepting FFAAs are to be immediately ignored.

  16. In the largest of rooms, which have 'Para RP Only' in their titles, more than 2/3 of the people are either ooc, AFK, or newbies who can barely make a one liner.

  17. When the title of a subject reads 'He/She sits alone in a tavern...' it will always be flooded with newbies that will leave in 5 minutes because they are being ignored because they're not smart enough to come up with a more interesting character.

  18. Automatic weapons were apparently common in medieval taverns.

  19. "Ya" Is used so much that it will either a.) take away the mood or b.) make it seem like the entire chatroom consists of Germans.

  20. Typing out entire words, such as "because," is unheard of.
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