1. A note on aerial manuvers- as long as you *choose* to make a sudden stop, it doesn't matter how fast you were going.  For instance, stopping abruptly in midair while travelling at three hundred kilometers an hour to avoid slamming into a wall at three hundred kilometers an hour incurs no damage.

  2. Remember, in role play, there is no such thing as simple. Beware of anything described as simple, because it is always something very complex, sinister, and usually deadly.

  3. In RolePlay, there are no accidents. The more accidental it sounds, the more suspicious of it you should be.

  4. Death is a state of mind, rather than an actual condition brought about by being stabbed, immolated, chewed up, crushed, poisoned, drowned, beheaded, chopped into little tiny pieces and scattered across all nine continents and both moons, etc.  No one's dead until they're bored.

  5. Minor NPCs are one exception, as they can be disposed of by anything from a toothpick to a strong breeze.

  6. Never pet the burning zombie dog.

  7. If your character is a thief, don't even bother. No one has pockets. At least not while your character is in the room.

  8. Those who do have pockets carry no money or valuables. Again, at least not while your character is in the room.

  9. Those few who have both pockets and money/valuables have the ability to sense your movements in spite of all subterfuge, thieving experience, light and quick hands, and invisibility spells.

  10. Also, people know a thief by smell, and smell him as soon as he enters the room whether he's slipping about through the shadows or strolling in like he owns the place. They also know that he is a thief, whether or not he acts like one.

  11. When you see someone enter with a long, huge entrance in only a few seconds, beware. These are either newbies who cant type at all or 'elites' that wont waste a breath on you.

  12. Don't attack newbies. They travel in great hordes.

  13. Don't attack anyone, for that matter. The entire inn/tavern/forest will suddenly turn on you.

  14. Don't ever throw a ball of glowing energy at someone. It will always be absorbed or deflected back at you.

  15. Never trust a Kirby with a blue crowbar called Bluey. (-_-;)

  16. Never go to the bathroom. Your character will be killed by the time you get back.

  17. Don't take refuge on a rainy day in dry and cozy tavern, but rather in a dark and damp cave. You will always find the tavern to be filled up with the most vile and despicable beings sitting in the infinite number or dark corners.

  18. When the Gnome asks you to test his or her latest invention, run away as fast as you can.

Anything below this line should probably not be viewed by anyone under thirteen. Or anyone in general. Just go away.

The Dos and Do Nots of Role-Playing
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  • First off, never use your real name. You will learn the reasons the hard way if you persist in doing this.
  • Well sexed individuals aren't hard to come by if your character is looking for some, but be aware that starting relationships with these people is not healthy. Just go about your business and never speak again, lest they stalk you (or accuse you of doing the same).
  • If they stalk you for the sex, feel free to comply (hey? why not?)
  • Concept role-playing gets confusing... stop it.
  • Dining should consist of drinking and drinking alone... eating a full meal makes you look weird.
  • Don't play as a god or immortal; you'll be asking for trouble.
  • Save a life, don't drink and RP.
  • Find someone willing (keyword here being willing) to RP with you... and stop having so much sex with random people you meet in IMs.
  • Don't touch yourself there!
  • Online RP has no DM... carefully go over that fact in your head before you act on it.
  • I said to stop touching yourself, you perv!
  • Nobody's safe, Steve Case is ALWAYS watching you...and he's enjoying it.
  • The ignore button is your God, worship it...
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