Find Your Role-Playing Stereotype.

Okay.. If you've never role-played before, then to properly take this quiz you will need to pretend the world is suddenly magical, medieval, weird and fantasy-ish. You can take this quiz for your favorite character, or just try to figure out who *your* roleplaying stereotype is. But remember... It's a silly test. And sometimes I'm a cynical bitch. So please have a sense of humor when you take it. [Thanks to Jess (, Micha (, and Lyam ( for giving me some ideas.]

Edited 06.11.02: I have had numerous [by numerous I mean too many to count] requests from people who want to know how to make their own quiz. In the future, I might be putting up a guide to show you how; but for now, please don't ask me to take the time to explain it to you. You are more than welcome to steal my code if you can figure it out, but I'm not going to break it down and show you how to use it.

1. So you're in a bar. You are...
happily drinking countless pints of beer after a long journey.
ready to snap at anyone that looks at you wrong.
walking in and out of *magical* portals. Just to show off.
wishing you were somewhere else. Crowds make you uncomfortable.
alone. In a corner. ..A dark corner.
sitting by yourself, pretending you don't want attention.
sitting in someone's lap.
not supposed to be here.

2. Suddenly a huge dragon charges past the bar in an attempt to burn the village down. You...
grab your sword and dash out to slay it.
continue to drink. As long as it doesn't burn your house down, you don't care.
throw an energy ball at its head. That'll teach 'em.
talk to the dragon.. maybe help it find dinner, if it offers to share.
reluctantly step outside to make sure it doesn't kill anyone you like.
cling to the nearest person.
hide under a table.

3. The dragon, for whatever reason, becomes angry at you and desides to toast you. You...
kneel behind your shield and pray it doesn't melt.
slap it around until it cowers before you.
laugh maniacally and say "Go ahead. Try that again."
bite. claw. scratch. hiss.
figured it would. Everyone else does. But you proceed to throttle it in your own, special way.
run around in circles in a desperate attempt to throw it off-track.
scream and throw the nearest preson in front of you.
scamper underneath it so it burns its toes off.

4. You single-handedly defeat the dragon! Imagine that. When the villagers ask how you did it, you say...
"Oh, it was nothing. Just another day's work."
"I didn't do it for you..."
"That?? That was nothing. You should have seen me take out that demon prince last week."
"You don't want to know."
"Who me??"
nothing, and feel slightly awkward.
"I'm not telling!" and stick your tongue out.

5. Well, they throw a party in your honor, and you eventually are named heir to the throne! [it's an adventurer thing.] Wow. You...
gratefully decline, and say your duty is to the open road.
take the throne. It's about damn time somebody appreciated you.
laugh and add that throne to your collection of three other thrones.
can't accept that.. You don't belong there.
wouldn't want to be in a town that wanted you for a leader.
don't know what to say, so you stand there and blink.
immediately marry/hire someone so you don't have to have all the duties of the throne by yourself.
wonder if everyone in the town is completely nuts.

6. After two blissful weeks, the town is burned to cinders by another dragon. [Damn those plentiful monsters.] You...
hear about it two towns over, but valiantly offer to go back and avenge the town.
slap it around until it cowers before you. Then kill it. Dead.
kill the dragon, of course. It's a matter of pride.
bite. claw. scratch. hiss?
now have a vendetta against all dragon-kind.
sigh and wander aimlessly to the next town.
cry. But finally decide you weren't meant for ruling anyway.
knew there was something weird about this town...

7. Well, you're off to wandering again. Eventually, you come to the next town. You're drinking at the nearest bar when suddenly you realize someone stole your money. You...
hunt the bastard down and make him pay for your drinks.
curse under your breath, and try to weasel out without paying.
don't care. You snap your fingers and a few coins appear.
hunt the bastard down and make him pay for your drinks.. after you dispose of his body.
steal some money off the nearest person and pay.
whimper and look pathetic until the bartender [or someone else] feels sorry for you.
humbly offer some of your *services* to pay your fee.
think it's the bartender's fault for serving you drinks in the first place.

8. Oh no! The bartender turns out to be the leader of some horrible cult of undead bovine, and they want to sacrifice you to their god. [They don't need a reason. They're undead bovine.] You...
easily fend them off with your sword.
ask sarcastically if they still expect you to pay for the drinks.
obviously need to teach them a lesson.
bite. claw. scratch. hiss. [Hey, it worked for the dragon...]
aren't surprised. They hadn't tried to kill you yet, so something was fishy.
are rooted to the spot from fear.
whimper and kick a lot.
slip easily between them and scamper out the back door. Dumb zombies.

9. You somehow manage to escape the evil undead bovine. Lucky. However, you...
broke your favorite, unbreakable sword.
received a minor wound in an unimportant location that still pisses you off.
go back inside. To destroy them all.
are no longer human. [moo?]
expended large amounts of rage and energy, and must now go drink blood. Or kill something. Or destroy a small town. Whatever's easier.
are emotionally scarred for life.
scamper away crying and wondering why people hate you.
wander around until you find a new bar.

10. In the next bar, you meet the person of your dreams! They...
are actually paying attention while you recount the tale of how you single-handedly defeated two - no, six! - dragons.
make witty, sarcastic comments about undead vampiric bovine that makes you crack a smile for the first time in... well age doesn't matter.
although still quite powerful, know and accept that they will never be able to match your power. All hail you.
understand your shifty nature.
are carefully and quietly avoided at all costs.
are interesting and cute and funny and.. -dreamy sigh-
love to order you around. And spank you. mmm.
are cute and fluffy. 'N have lots of candy.

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