What High School Stereotype Are You?

Forward note: Please do not take this quiz if you can't make fun of yourself. I'm a cynical bitch sometimes, and I've made fun of everything about high school - including me. So don't take offense, and remember kids, this quiz is purely for fun! If you want real evaluations or advice, go to a professional, not a website.

Edited 06.11.02: I have had numerous [by numerous I mean too many to count] requests from people who want to know how to make their own quiz. In the future, I might be putting up a guide to show you how; but for now, please don't ask me to take the time to explain it to you. You are more than welcome to steal my code if you can figure it out, but I'm not going to break it down and show you how to use it.

1. It's the first day of school. I'm...
excited and ready to work.
bored out of my mind.
at home sleeping. Only test days are important.
happy to be with my killer boyfriend, and catching up with friends.
the outcast. Over in the corner. Wearing black.
dying to meet all the seniors I have a chance with now.
ready to spread my happiness around.

2. Mrs. Swiggley decides to throw a pop quiz the second day. I...
ace it. Can't stop studying because of summer!
ace it. School is such a waste of time.
panic and eat my pencil.
fill in crayon smileys on my name to get a better grade.
eat it. with some fava beans and a nice Chianti.
snag the answers off the closest hottie.
pray. It always helps to pray.

3. It's finally Sunday. I'm...
in my room. Alone. With a sharp object.
watching football with my friends.
wait.. I know this one... forty-two!
plotting the destruction of the human race.
with my newest boyfriend/girlfriend.
at church, of course.

4. The school requires everyone to take a computer course. I...
choose something more advanced, because I took them all already.
don't give a damn. I'll sit there like I always do. They dictate my life anyway.
panic and make peace with the nearest computer nerd.
can type! Woo! Thys'll bee a peace of caek.
find a virus to run in the main computer system, causing inconvenience to many, many poor teachers.
can't believe I have to take a class with a bunch of geeks.
take it of course. It's expected of me.

5. The school requires everyone to take a PE course. I...
write a ten page essay on the evils of our school system.
hate my life. hate. hate. hate. hate.
ace it. Finally, something I'm good at.
get an E for effort?
bitch about the communist implications of wearing ridiculous uniforms for PE. I'm too pale to wear shorts.
snip off the uniform so it reveals as much as possible, and parade my body in front of drooling onlookers.
take it of course. It's expected of me.

6. The big school dance finally rolls around. I am...
at home, working on the last of my homework assignments.
sulking against the wall. Dances are for losers anyway. Why did I even bother coming?
dancing with a few people.
having a ball and bouncing around with various strangers.
planting explosives around someone's tires. Just out of spite.
spiking the punch. People are easier when they're drunk.
at home. I don't go to dances.

7. In my backpack, you would most likely find...
books, and maybe some computer games.
journals filled with depressing rants. You can't read them. Go away.
a pack of cigarettes and a portable cd player.
bubble gum and lipstick. =D
a large, six-eyed monster. Don't tempt me to open it.
condoms. Carefully hidden, of course.
my school books and a bible.

8. I am most comfortable wearing...
something with a pocket for my pens.
clothes. It doesn't matter. Nothing matters.
my letter jacket.
my cheerleader outfit. Don't I look cute??
something skimpy.
a crucifix necklace and solid colors.

9. Make a saving throw versus poison.
Hah. I have armor that gives me +2 immunity to poison, your puny weapons can't hurt me.
Why. I just let the poison kill me.
Um.. Can we do something else?
Don't tempt me to ram that poison down your throat.
I don't do that. Role-playing is evil.

10. My goal in life is...
to be rich beyond the wildest expectations of the people that wouldn't date me.. and eventually rub it in their faces.
..I don't know. It doesn't matter.
to get out of school, and ultimately become rich and famous.
to marry my boyfriend!
to hurt you. Severely. Come here.
I don't need a goal.. I can get whatever I want.
to do what God would have me do.

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