Fall/Winter 2002

Working at a movie theater the last few months, I've grown acquainted with dishing out movie plots in a few seconds so people get a basic idea and I don't hold up the lines. I don't think I was ever this blunt... but this list of fall and early winter movies, and a quick plot recap for each, was kinda fun to make. ;)

Hope you enjoy!
  • The Ring - People die, but you know when. You can even set your watch to their deaths!

  • Die Another Day - Lots of people die. At no specific time.

  • Ghost Ship - People are typically stupid and do things that make them die.

  • Pok√©mon - People should die for making this into a movie.

  • Red Dragon - People get eaten.

  • Star Trek: Nemesis - Mirror people can die two.

  • Santa Clause 2 - One person died in the first movie, and people are still suffering.

  • Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - People can't die. It's magic!

  • The Core - People might die, if we could ever see the movie.

  • I Spy - Things explode, but nobody dies.

  • The Tuxedo - People get horribly beaten, and we laugh, because it's funny.

  • Jackass: the Movie - Stupid people hurt themselves.

  • Jonah: Veggie Tales - Vegetables get eaten.

  • The Truth About Charlie - Some guy died, but it's okay. He wasn't really himself.

  • Adam Sandler's 8 Crazy Nights - Jews are people too.

  • White Oleander - People are in prison because people died.

  • Half Past Dead - Some people almost die. Others die.

  • Treasure Planet - Animated people learn heart-warming lessons.

  • Analyze That - Even mob bosses go a little crazy sometimes.

  • Emperor's Club - People talk about dead guys.

  • The Transporter - Explosions kill people.

  • Abandon - People are missing, and nobody cares.

  • The Banger Sisters - Reunions get people in trouble.

  • Brown Sugar - People finally get a clue.

  • Chicago - Some people can get famous if other people die.

  • Formula 51 - Drugs can kill people.

  • They - They kill lots of people. Really. They do.

  • Lord of the Rings - Many orcs might have died in the making of this film.

  • Knockaround Guys - People get paid to hurt people.

  • Punch Drunk Love - Some women are more evil than others.

  • Moonlight Mile - Things get confusing when people die.

  • Extreme Ops - People try not to die.

  • Paid in Full - Some guy feels bad about hurting other people.

  • Rules of Attraction - People don't follow the rules.

  • Solaris - People die, in space!

  • Sweet Home Alabama - Rich people are better.

  • Tuck Everlasting - Some people never die...

  • Welcome to Collinder - People try to steal stuff.

  • My Big Fat Greek Wedding - Greek people are funny.

  • The Four Feathers - War kills people.

  • Femme Fatale - Women are evil.

  • Catch Me If You Can - We just can't find some people.

  • 8 Mile - When people get famous, we'll watch movies about when they weren't famous.

  • Maid in Manhattan - Maids are pretty when they wear other people's clothes.

  • Real Women Have Curves - Some people don't go to college.

  • Far From Heaven - People aren't very happy.

  • Friday After Next - People are funny two weeks from now.

  • Gangs of New York - Lots of gang members die.

  • Adaptation - Making movies is hard.

  • Drumline - Some people can drum and march at the same time.

  • The Hot Chick - Women don't want to be men.

  • National Security - Some guy gets fired because some other guy got beaten up by somebody else.

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