Okay. So everyone else kept telling me to do this.

Go to google.com and click on advanced search. In the exact phrase field, type in [with the quotation marks] "yourname is" .

Well here's my list. I thought it was kind of amusing.

  1. Angel is what i'd be if I had a choice.

  2. Angel is riding the sybian.

  3. Angel is here.
    [o.o how'd they know that?!]

  4. Angel is opening Christ's tomb.

  5. Angel is funded under JISC's DNER Development Programme.
    [O_o i have funds!]

  6. Angel is a pure spirit created by God.

  7. Angel is right beside you.

  8. Angel is a champion in our times of deepest need.

  9. Angel is on top of the tree.
    [GET ME DOWN!]

  10. Angel is equipped for a wide variety of conference and banqueting services.

  11. Angel is watching you.

  12. Angel is someone who is filled with love.

  13. Angel is certified.

  14. Angel is an experiment in Civil-Military Operations for Humanitarian Assistance.
    [O.o I'm a test-tube baby. -cries-]

  15. Angel is the best program I have ever found, and I use it frequently.

  16. Angel is stalking me.
    [I AM NOT]

  17. Angel is a child or adult.
    [..... well duh.]

  18. Angel is one of the finest bed and breakfast inns you will ever have the pleasure to visit.
    [I refuse to serve you breakfast.]

  19. Angel is copyrighted in its entirety by...
    [o.o... I'm not legal?]

  20. Angel is taking a week off.
    [I wish.]

  21. Angel is someone you're always happy to bump into.
    [Are you really??]

  22. Angel is 1/2 inch thick bronze from her feet up.

  23. Angel is Big Brother.
    [OMFG.. well that explains a lot..]

  24. Angel is the property of the WB network.
    [does that mean I don't get royalties?]

  25. Angel is my dad.

  26. Angel is in the sun.
    [AAA! IT BURNS! IT BURNS!!!!!!!!!!]

  27. Angel is *not* a feminist.

  28. Angel is no longer with us.
    [I DIED?!]

  29. Angel is now in LA.
    [oh. okay. whew.]

  30. Angel is terrifying.
    [o.o boo?]

  31. Angel is your best friend!

  32. Angel is so powerful.
    [thank you for noticing. ^___^]

  33. Angel is in hell.
    [NO! I JUST GOT OUT OF THE SUN! ...dammit.]

  34. Angel is a representation of our own higher selves.
    [Yes... you must work to become like me. *LOL*]

  35. Angel is downright giddy.

  36. Angel is hanging by a bungee cord.

  37. Angel is a nonprofit organization.

  38. Angel is fantastic.
    [well if nothing else, this is making me feel better.]

  39. Angel is a webmistress who looves food.
    [... now I'm scared.]

  40. Angel is a five-year-old Chocolate Lab plus some kind of hound we think, though there also seems to be bird dog in there somewhere.
    [.... -kablink-]

  41. Angel is easy to deploy, and scales efficiently.

  42. Angel is a sassy, loving, curious, and sometimes silly cat.

  43. Angel is watercolor.
    [I feel so wishy-washy...]

  44. Angel is worth 10 shillings (1/2 pound).
    [...I always wanted to know what I was worth... -cries-]

  45. Angel is a great addition to any country.

  46. Angel is doing it all the time!
    [I AM NOT!]

  47. Angel is ready to decorate your table.
    [Decorate your own table.]

  48. Angel is spiritual and creative.

  49. Angel is a desperate, emotionally unrelenting portrait of a man.

  50. Angel is for sale.

  51. Angel is NOT for sale.
    [that's better.]

  52. Angel is a whore.

  53. Angel is a songbird.

  54. Angel is a flower.
    [this is just getting weird now.]

  55. Angel is a master of weapons and unarmed combat.
    [I know kung-fu, tai-kwan-do, and five other oriental words! ~.~]

  56. Angel is a young Puerto Rican who shot a religious cult leader in the bum.
    [you can't prove it.]

  57. Angel is made from shredded fabric.

  58. Angel is a child, but she is very old.

  59. Angel is a never-ending whirlwind of berserk fury.

  60. Angel is signed, numbered, dated, and comes with a personalized gift tag!
    [...i feel so... used..]

    And a second list, for your amusement. ~_~

  61. Angel is going.
    [going, gone!]

  62. Angel is as primitive as can be.

  63. Angel is actually Rashida.

  64. ANGEL is classified as a sharp, oriental, woody fragrance.

  65. Angel is being developed.
    [she'll be finished sometime next fall.]

  66. angel is in heaven now.
    [*blink* ..I always thought heaven would be more fun than this.]

  67. Angel is all sexed up.

  68. Angel is.
    [..well that was vague.]

  69. Angel is no angel.
    [my halo is held up with horns..?]

  70. Angel is set in the year 2041.
    [I come from the future!]

  71. angel is waiting in the backseat.
    [are we there yet? are we there yet?]

  72. Angel is an amazingly clean creature.
    [I take showers.]

  73. Angel is not wearing black.

  74. Angel is one of very few "out" gay students in our building.
    [I'm a gay man trapped in a woman's body.]

  75. Angel is not like other vampires.
    [I'm unique and stuff.]

  76. Angel is like a day without sunshine.
    [I'm not that gloomy.]

  77. Angel is not human.

  78. Angel is a member of both AFTRA and SAG unions.
    [Stop-And-Go. We specialize in backing up traffic.]

  79. Angel is very reminiscent of the Highlander TV series.
    [there can be only one Angel.]

  80. Angel is a stiff $50 (US).
    [I went up in value!]

  81. Angel is $125 plus shipping/handling and tax.
    [o.o I should be in an auction or something.]

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